Project Outline

Wouldn’t it be fun to take an artsy nap in an exhibition, gallery or museum?

Belly of the Two-Headed beast is an experiential, interactive sculpture. It invites the spectator to crawl inside a tent, lie down, listen to a story while getting whiffs of the scents that are suspended and rotating above in this dark belly. The story is mock-meditative: it encourages the spectator to close their eyes and listen to words that weave a tapestry of surrealist images, without a clear narrative. Instead, the audio has fragments of imagery that feels like a dreamscape.

We don’t experience dreams in a linear manner, they are often a multitude of overlapping images. Listen to a part of the story here.

Photo : Oskar Helcel

The installation encourages the spectator to touch and come in contact with the contrasting materials and textures that are incorporated. People can walk around the Beast and look at it from all sides. Once inside its belly, there is nothing interesting to observe by sight but a lot that can be sensed if the eyes are closed.

Made from an assortment of household objects, textures as well as materials foraged from the garden, the installation is an ode, and temporary escape to childhood imagination, creativity and play.

First installed at the exhibition ‘Memory Palace’ at Galerie AMU, Prague in 2018.