Project Outline

In the Moravian region of Czech Republic, the word Fčil is a colloquial expression for ‘now’. The architecture of this espresso bar is an application of the study of phenomenology of space. This study deals with how we (consciously or subconsciously) experience built space that surrounds us. Phenomenology inherently involves the dimension of time , and here the space is designed to keep in mind the duration of the experience we want to give the visitors.

In an espresso bar the duration of the experience is shorter than in a regular cafe where one can easily sit, relax etc. These bars are meant for a quick drink or short engagements. No formal seating is provided in Fčil; customers can sit on bar stools along the window, or climb up on a stepped platform. On a nice day, one can enjoy the coffee outside on a ledge provided on the window sill.

Since phenomenology considers human experience as its core, it is also reflected in this space. Bodily actions, such as walking, crossing, bending, leaning, sitting etc. determine the design that is based on the ‘view’ a customer would have of the space while doing those actions. For instance, upon entering the space, they are confronted with a circular frame in a white wall. Visible through which is the barista and coffee equipment; highlighting their role in this setting.