Project Outline

How do we perceive, try and savor food when we can’t see it?

Sense and Edibility is a fun dinner party with a twist – guests are not allowed to see what they are eating! They are encouraged to use their other senses to enjoy the dinner, which can range from 5 courses to 20.

Close your eyes and imagine eating an ice-cream bar this way! How will you hold it? and how will you intuitively know where to get the first bite?

At the venue, each guest gets a blindfold and eating apron. Blindfolds can be taken off in between courses, however some guests prefer to both wine and dine with their eyes covered…it is flexible and totally upon your comfort.

The fun is also in the courses that are served- the menu is created from an array of gobal cuisine but served as finger food.

The happening is friendly to all dietary needs and accommodates vegan, vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free and meat-eating lifestyles.

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