Ticklish Fruits

An interactive, multi-media installation

At Hogwarts School oWaW there is a large painting of a bowl of fruit. It is an ill-kept secret that if you tickle the pear on this painting, it giggles. What is magic without curiosity and imagination?

When we see ordinary plates in the kitchen we think of them as objects for food and for eating. We think of things that are present on the plate, not the things that are absent from the plate. We rarely think of plates as objects that can be magical or fun.

Combining technology, tactile objects, ceramics and infectious laughter, Ticklish Fruits is an interactive installation that invites spectators to participate with their senses of touch, hearing and sight; to find a moment of joy.

Commissioned by: Petr Tlusty, Eva Wolfova. Currently installed at: Základní škola Brána jazyků,Uhelny Trh, Prague 1. Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 08:00 - 18:00 ;
Friday: 08:00 -15:00.
Viewing can be arranged upon request.
Supported by: Městská část Praha 1 Format: Audio-visual installation with touch-responsive sensors. Materials: Ceramic, plyboards, speakers, sensors, tech equipment. Measures: 3.5 m (l), 0.2 m (d) x 0.3 m (h)

Conceptualized and designed by:Nitish Jain. Technical Supervision:Dimitris Polyzos. IoT engineer: Matyáš Himme Sound engineer:Jakub Daš Ceramics supervised by and created at: Muddum Art Space,Prague. Laser Cutting: Narran,Prague. Installation executed by: Handyman Ben Pictures by::Barbora Krivska, Nitish Jain
Special thanks to students of ZŠ Brána jazyků for contributing with their laughing voices.

Tickle the tactile objects

Come by to play with the installation

Hear the fruits giggle

Install this artwork in your festival, gallery, school or office space.

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